Shooting Range Project

Shooting range. Shooting practice. Shooting. What can measure human curiosity or break the barrier of curved reality that media serve us? Today we will focus on the visit at the shooting range and some myths about firearm.

In the beginning - what actually weapon is? Without hesitation almost all will say that weapon is for killing. Partially you are right because military definition says that weapon is a tool of range to an enemy forces. In terms of normal man? It's a sport, hunting, shooting. An entertainment for big boys - competition to get points. Who will shoot down a couple of tens in a row. In terms of average Joe who a couple of hours a day spends in front of tv? The only view of weapon he has is to take lives - that is a mistake. Everything that we use unskillfully is dangerous. May as well we could forbid to use knives because they are sharp and we can cut and kill ourselves. The same is with firearm. In Poland you can buy for yourself a distributive weapon for a black powder - shooting leaden bullets. Albeit the service of that replica require much higher abilities and it's much easier for uncontrolled accident. Legal paradox - black powder weapon is legal and at the same time is much more dangerous (for users) that the modern pistol with bullets in comfortable shell casing that is illegal and it is really hard to get a permit to have one.

Anyway, I strayed from the subject that is why I am back to the shooting range topic. Your first time? Don't be scared. To begin the shooting you just need your ID card or legal guardian if you are not adult and some bean in a pocket. Everything depends on how much do you want to shoot. In the beginning - 100 zloty (~ 30$/23euro) will be enough and that is really the upper limit.

I have an ID card/legal guardian and money - what next? You just need to go to the shooting range, enter... and the atmosphere that is there - will make that you will feel welcome. Instructors are kind and do not make you want to leave. Instructors will also show you the statue, tell you all the rules and describe all possible shooting stances that you will practice in a moment.

You passed the theory? It's high time for the practice. First shooting I would propose to start with 9mm pistol. Learn how to efficiently load it, securely hold in a hand and when you hit several times close to the "ten" - you can feel fulfilled and consider catching something bigger. But remember - do everything, what your instructor says. Do not act like a BF or COD ranger because you could headshot from the distance. Believe me, for the first time you will have a problem to hit from 25m. Even magazine loading without a proper technic will be your hardest craft.

My first private visit at the shooting range I started with Beretta M92FS 9mm. I loaded the weapon with 5 bullets, pinned the magazine to the corpus of the weapon, closed the lock, assumed the shooting stance, aimed - boom. When I learnt how to use it and I was sure what to do - after 30 shoots I asked instructor to bring someting bigger. He proposed hunting rifle but single glance was enough for him to understand that I was thinking about the rifle. He has just asked me: 5.57 or 7.62? I asked for AK-47 7.62mm. Touching the real AK, not scholastic AK-47ms without firing pin and much lighter I felt that I have a pretty piece of iron in my hands.
Loaded five bullets, pinned the magazine to the corpus of the weapon, energetic locked pull. The characterictic crack and I had gooseflesh. Then was similar - contact rifle with my shoulder, harmony of aiming device, delicate pull the trigger - boom. My heart started to beat faster. Just you, a piece of metal and it - your aim. When you are calm and focused just pull the trigger. You feel the adrenaline but you are bursting with inconceivable and hard to describe pleasure. Putting back the locked assault rifle on the closest table - I still felt the want to be grimly "poked".

At the end of this wonderful adventure - I asked to bring me the real beast, weapon for a big boy - Mossberg 500. A pump action shotgun. I was convinced that I will get the butt in a distance of 10 meters and scattershot bullet - I was wrong. I've got Glug 12 Gauge bullets - one, big leadon bullet and butt in a distance of 50 meters. As from the american action movie - you could or even you had to vigorously pull the trigger. And this pleasant sound of bullet that got into the chamber - that is impossible to describe.

I spent there at least 3 hours and I would go there once again without any hesitation. Above you can see my butt - what am I most proud? That from the distance of 50m I hit the nine with Slug 12! And I will dutifully go to improve my score, are you going to pick up the gauntlet? 

If at least one person after reading this artice decide to go on a shooting range - I will be fulfilled.

Your beloved Jarek.
Materials by Jarek.

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