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It turns out that in general people don't know anything at all about real beer. They only know beers that are sold in shops. They have no idea what they are made of, knowing only, that they contain hop - but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are few people interested in beer production, but true beer lovers, through scent, flavor and color, can feel what beer is made of and what it contains. I found this out myself.

Since June 2014 I have a part time work in a small brewery, which had it's second anniversary on February 7th. Because of that i learned about beer quite a lot. The brewery is located in my place of living, which is a small village where you can't even find a shop. Nobody expected that it will hold on for a year, oh wait... nobody expected it would work at all. But i will not do any advertisements, because I am not here to do it. I am here to show, that my life is all about beer now - and to end up, I wrote engineering diploma work about beer market in Poland.

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