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Why actually 12 dishes? - part two

We are coming back with description of twelve polish Christmassy traditions.

7. Sharing a special wafer when exchanging Christmas greetings

Second the most important thing during Christmas Eve is to share a special wafer when exchanging Christmas greetings. It is a connection with the Last Supper when the Christ set the Sacrament and shared a special wafer with the twelve Apostles. He also called himself a bread of life. The special wafer is a symbol of Christ. What more, sharing a bread, even the last crumb should symbolize reciprocal sacrifice for each other. During sharing a special wafer we should forgive all the hard feelings and wish only honest wishes.

Christmas is coming!

It's finally December, a quite special month, and a magical one at that. You can't listen to the radio without hearing Wham's "Last Christmas", turn on the television without seeing Kevin from Home Alone or opening your windows without seeing white fluffy snow everywhere (theoretically! :)). It can only mean one thing. Christmas is approaching us fast.

The magic of Christmas goes by age

Probably each of you as a child couldn’t wait for this day during the year when finally comes he – Santa Claus. For me the beginning was much earlier. The Christmas madness was starting in the middle of November. As a little child with my grandma I was doing the best thing during my Christmas time which became my annual tradition – baking gingerbread. It was no problem for me to skip the day outside just to decorate with my grandma yummy and odorous gingerbread. The problem was that I got them already at the Christmas Eve. Now it looks totally different and I must admit that all the Christmas magic has gone. The fun of baking gingerbread turned into tradition that I usually don’t have time for and I remind before Christmas – Oh my God I needs to make ginderbread. Lack of time makes that Christmas is not so beautiful as in the movies. However, coming back to my gingerbread – they are just with sprinkles and coating and what is worse – I need to make them myself.

Why actually 12 dishes? - part one

In the most Polish houses the Christmas Eve is celebrated the same traditional way.

24th December with the first star we sit with our families at the formal capped table, we have a hay under the tablecloth and on the table there are 12 dishes. In the background there is a blinking Christmas Tree. There are usually even number of guests plus one additional place setting.
Among dishes there are obligatorily something with mushrooms, with cabbage, with nuts, with poppy seeds and everything fasting. The first is the wafer and then carols. The evening finishes with Midnight Mass.
And even if we don’t respect everything directly (for example at my home guests are those who we want to invite, that are especial and we don’t look at even number) or we can’t afford everything but we still make those traditions alive. They are so obvious for our Polish Christmas time that mentioning them is unnecessary. But let’s think about the origins of those traditions. Are they same obvious?

There are 12 Christmas Eve traditions of Polish houses.

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