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Christmas is coming!

It's finally December, a quite special month, and a magical one at that. You can't listen to the radio without hearing Wham's "Last Christmas", turn on the television without seeing Kevin from Home Alone or opening your windows without seeing white fluffy snow everywhere (theoretically! :)). It can only mean one thing. Christmas is approaching us fast.

Christmas, Christmas and... still November

We can't skip through some things. In the past, different types of ham and fruits (including mandarin which is one of the symbols of polish Christmas) weren't available for everybody during whole year so uniqueness of this period was result from what people could see and taste without that possibility in other months of the year.

The magic of Christmas goes by age

Probably each of you as a child couldn’t wait for this day during the year when finally comes he – Santa Claus. For me the beginning was much earlier. The Christmas madness was starting in the middle of November. As a little child with my grandma I was doing the best thing during my Christmas time which became my annual tradition – baking gingerbread. It was no problem for me to skip the day outside just to decorate with my grandma yummy and odorous gingerbread. The problem was that I got them already at the Christmas Eve. Now it looks totally different and I must admit that all the Christmas magic has gone. The fun of baking gingerbread turned into tradition that I usually don’t have time for and I remind before Christmas – Oh my God I needs to make ginderbread. Lack of time makes that Christmas is not so beautiful as in the movies. However, coming back to my gingerbread – they are just with sprinkles and coating and what is worse – I need to make them myself.

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