The end of Wazznet project

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Dear Users,

Thank you for using our services that we provided for many years as Wazznet and also for support all of you who more or less got in on Wazznet. We are happy that we could be one of the best, Polish TeamSpeak that provided you stability and security on the highest level. We are also happy that since two years we have been the only Polish Urban Terror server and we still are and we have a group of regular players who willingly play with us. We also want to thank for cooperation with project - one of the biggest role-play SA:MP platform server that still will be receiving individual technical support in the interest of new GTA V server.
We are happy that we could provide no-spam mail, hosting and many more services for many years with the project.

Haxball Event

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Are you sick of heat outside? Would you like to play along your friends football but you don't have any possibility? Since today there is no problem! Take part in the next, second wazznet haxball tournament - web multiplayer game that is a mix of football and hockey. It will take place on 23rd June 2017 in the 3vs 3 format according the single-elimination tournament and about the score decide two halves - 3 minutes each - on the "classic" map. All the questions about the event ask organizers. Don't wait! Sign up today! 

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TeamSpeak - how to connect the server with Android client

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Due to the recent improvement in layer 7 protection at the Juniper firewalls against attacks on our TeamSpeak server, according to the TeamSpeak documentation available for ATHP, we would like to inform you that unfortunately the use of official, stable version of TeamSpeak client for Android is impossible because the application does not meet the requirements decribed in documentation of TeamSpeak protocol. It appears with no possibility in initializing the connection. However, there is available update in the BETA version of the Android client that meet requirements and use the new protocol.

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Karaoke Event - 2nd June

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Dear Users,

Next Friday (2nd March 2017) our TeamSpeak 3 server will have a karaoke event. If you like to sing or simply want to show your talent to the world, this is the simplest way! Take part in our event and have fun! The event will involve singing to a music track of your choice.

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League of Legends event - 12 of May

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Show others that you are worthy of the master label and get amazing awards. Rules of tournament are simple, just come forward your team and dominate your enemies!
The event will take place in the tree system, which means the elimination rules.

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