TeamSpeak - critical security update

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A few days ago TeampSpeak developers informed about new, critical TeamSpeak client update, version.
The bug concerns important vulnerability that allow to download and remote file execution.

We were informed about the bug since the beginning but due to the many users who use the mobile versions of the client (such as mobile phones and tablets) we decided to wait with the update until it will be available also for the mobile platforms. Therefore, we were observing if anyone tries to use the vulnerability.

We didn't notice any dangerous situations. Today we claimed that mobile clients versions (iOS and Android) are available that is why in order to protect our users we decided to block the access with the outdated versions of software.
Obviously we checked all the channel descriptions paying special attention to use of vulnerability and we did not find any.

To update a desktop version (for computers) you may use the manager (after accesing the Wazznet server there will be information about the update) or do it by reinstallation.
The newest client version you will find in an official TeamSpeak website - here

More information - official communication TeamSpeak developers

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