New Wazznet Event - Tyralnia

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Dear Users,

This Friday, 25 March 2016, on our TeamSpeak 3 server, we'll have a Tyralnia event. If you like to insult with people - that is the event for you! Come and insult other people, show what you can!

The organizers of the event are:

Sevenity (Event Organizator)
Drowell (Event Helper)
Basiaa (Event Helper)
Paulina (Event Helper)
Sp00Fy (Event Helper)
Konrad (Event Helper)

If you really want to take part in an event just come and tell us about that!


Event 1st place winner - For taking a 1st place of course .
Event 2nd place winner -⁠ For taking a 2nd place.
Event 3th place winner -⁠ For taking a 3rd place.

More information about the event (rules and regulations) and also the event in our community you will find here.

See you on Friday!
~ Wazznet Crew

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