Karaoke Event - 21st April

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Dear Users,

This Friday (21st March 2017) our TeamSpeak 3 server will have a karaoke event. If you like to sing or simply want to show your talent to the world, this is the simplest way! Take part in our event and have fun! The event will involve singing to a music track of your choice.

The organizers of the event are:

Yashi (Event Organizator)
Allas (Event Organizator)

If you would like to take part just message one of the people listed above in a private message giving AT LEAST two songs that you would like to sing.
Just give us the title and artist or a link to the song, and we will prepare a music bot for you to use (or you can use your own).

Or maybe you play on an instrument or you create your own beats? No problem! What matters the most is fun!


Event 1st place winner rank - for taking a 1st place.
Event 2nd place winner rank -⁠ for taking a 2nd place.
Event 3rd place winner rank -⁠ for taking a 3rd place.

Here you will find event in our community.

See you on Friday!
~ Wazznet Crew

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