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Due to the recent improvement in layer 7 protection at the Juniper firewalls against attacks on our TeamSpeak server, according to the TeamSpeak documentation available for ATHP, we would like to inform you that unfortunately the use of official, stable version of TeamSpeak client for Android is impossible because the application does not meet the requirements decribed in documentation of TeamSpeak protocol. It appears with no possibility in initializing the connection. However, there is available update in the BETA version of the Android client that meet requirements and use the new protocol.

To download Beta version of the client for Android system you need to:
- hve purchased the TeamSpeak App in the Google PlayStore,
- join this Google Group using the same Google Account that you purchased the application with,
- click this link and confirm that you wish to participate in beta testing.

Unfortunately, we do not know the date of present application in the Bet version will be marked as stable. Also in changelog there is no information about protocol change despite such was provided. We also would like to clearly point that provided strong layer 7 protection was implemented according to the available documentation and the error that is located in the official TeamSpeak application for Adnroid system that uses the old protocol.

Your sincerely,
~ Wazznet Crew


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Mogę zdecydowanie polecić, jak zawsze każda kolejna wersja jest coraz lepsza oraz pozbawioną błędów.

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