Haxball Event

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Are you sick of heat outside? Would you like to play along your friends football but you don't have any possibility? Since today there is no problem! Take part in the next, second wazznet haxball tournament - web multiplayer game that is a mix of football and hockey. It will take place on 23rd June 2017 in the 3vs 3 format according the single-elimination tournament and about the score decide two halves - 3 minutes each - on the "classic" map. All the questions about the event ask organizers. Don't wait! Sign up today! 

Start - 23/06/17, 8 PM GMT+1
Organizer - Aleksander Wielopolski - Rogo - Dj Kevlar - Andrzej
Where - Wazznet.com TeamSpeak 3 Server
How to take part in? - Write to organizers

* Possibility to join the tournament on your own, then we will find you your teammates before the start.

Here you will find event in our community.

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