We are starting!

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There is a big moment for Wazznet Crew.

We have been working persistently for a very long time on our project which now we want to present YOU!
There were many rough moments but it was worth the effort. We would do it once again!

 After many sleepless nights, sea of coffee or other energy drinks, after hundreds loud screams and silent days, after numerous brainstorms which deserve the label of hurricanes, after numerous of ideas approved, changed or threw away, after a few mental breakdowns and plenty spectacular come outs, door cracks and the same spectacular returns we have this pleasure to inform you all that YOUR place has its beginning!

The place which is fun and joyful for people who look for entertainment and laugh but peaceful for those who crave relaxation.

We are sure that each of you will find something for yourself. We hope you will like our project and will enjoy all of it.
But if you pick only one favorite section - we still acknowledge that it was worth the effort!

But, to cut a long story short:
We would like to welcome you to Wazznet which we allow as OFFICIALLY OPENED!

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