Why are you doing what you are doing?

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Why are you doing what you are doing? What heads you? Why have you started to study the course you are studying? Why have you gone to the job you have gone? Why are you learning the language you are learning? Why are you waiting to start a family? Why are you saying that you want to achieve exactly this thing? Why?

Think why are you doing what you are doing. You are doing all of that for yourself, for your parents, lovers, children or to satisfy the society? Why do you put exactly those and not other challenges to yourself ? Why do you go straight for (I hope) goals that you stated yourself? Why exactly that aims? Have you ever thought if you act automatically because that behove? Your friend started to learn Japanese so you also should do it, your friend started to go to the gym so you won’t be worse, your old devil started second faculty so you will do it too. Are you doing all those things because you really want to do it and you really feel that it’s right and will allow you to advance and be better you? Be better at what you do? Or you are doing all the thing because other people do it?

We create many plans. Some are better, some are worse but we always try to complete them – at least we should. We often don’t achieve a success and start over but we create plans that gives us something. Mostly that should be plans that make us happy. I love to learn foreign languages and by the way they will be very useful for me in the future in areas I am going to be involved with my work life so I am learning more and more. Even though I am not always succeeded I like to do it and I want to do it. I want to lose 10 kg because I want to feel better in my own skin and not because my friend decided to do it. I don’t do it because all people do it or society expect that. I read many books because they help me to relax, open my imagination and open my mind for new things. I don’t do it to pull up the average readership in Poland or to show how cool I am because I read a lot. I also don’t keep the book in my hand in a bus as a prop but I actually go into the content. Especially that they free bus ride when you read a book are not established yet.

The truth is not easy to realise and usually we are not even aware of it. How is with you then? Why are you doing what you are doing and what heads you? What is your motivation except for example a better salary? Do you have any hidden thoughts that you don’t even realize you have? Maybe other people make you to do something? Even if you don’t want to share your thoughts, consider this topic on your own. Look deep in yourself and see what is there. Maybe you will gain some additional motivation and you will want to work even more? My inside motivation is quite painful and I needed a long time to realize why I started to do many things. Maybe you will go the same way I went? I think it is always worth to think about everything, make conclusions and work for ourselves no matter what society and other people expect from us.

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