The magic of Christmas goes by age

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Probably each of you as a child couldn’t wait for this day during the year when finally comes he – Santa Claus. For me the beginning was much earlier. The Christmas madness was starting in the middle of November. As a little child with my grandma I was doing the best thing during my Christmas time which became my annual tradition – baking gingerbread. It was no problem for me to skip the day outside just to decorate with my grandma yummy and odorous gingerbread. The problem was that I got them already at the Christmas Eve. Now it looks totally different and I must admit that all the Christmas magic has gone. The fun of baking gingerbread turned into tradition that I usually don’t have time for and I remind before Christmas – Oh my God I needs to make ginderbread. Lack of time makes that Christmas is not so beautiful as in the movies. However, coming back to my gingerbread – they are just with sprinkles and coating and what is worse – I need to make them myself.

So how the Christmas Eve looks like when the magic has gone?

It is just as a normal day but since the early morning there is a din at home. Making dishes and now YOU play a key role and you have to help your mum to prepare everything. When I was a child since 6am I was following my mum asking when the Santa comes. Obviously when the supper time was coming they was saying all the same thing: “First we need to eat, then you will look for the star and Santa will come”. So since 7pm there were tears, gnashing of teeth and when everyone came we quickly ate the supper because we knew that we get presents. Always when I only find the star at the sky I was trying to catch Santa Claus just to be able to see him. Unfortunately I did it once and then I lost the magic of Christmas time. Being an adult you need to start giving something from yourself, not only waiting for the presents. Squillion ideas and more often complete lack of them what to buy parents, brothers and sisters or grandparents confuse us or make us being unwilling for this day. I never know what I can give to my family, what they need or what they like. Hours spent in shopping centers are longer and longer. Each minute is like an hour and I still don’t know what to buy. Finally when I find this one and only present I realize that now we are Santa Claus and we feel this burden. We don’t write the long letter anymore in which we ask for different things, writing to Santa Clays that we were nice all year. We don’t write down what good we did and sometimes bad (which we of course regret and are not going to do it again). Now our parents can’t say “Be nice because Santa Clause sees everything and brings you the rod.” We just know that they were the sponsors of our presents since we were little.

Now Christmas time has no magic for me, there is no thrill anymore. I don’t wonder what I will find under Christmas tree because in advance we say what we want to get and what we are going to buy. But there are still some sort of stuff that try to hold the magic. Decorating Christmas tree in my home comes in me and my dad. Always there is much to do with that because as you may know we have different taste and we want our Christmas tree to be ideal. Laugh, sometimes fights during this time but there my mum steps in. The best is that we do it together and when everything is ready all house is filled with the smell of Christmas tree.

The next thing I would like to talk about are the marathons of Christmas movies. That thing won’t never change. Even when I have my own family one day I won’t stop that because this makes that I feel each next Christmas. The movie that we always watch together and we always laugh at it is “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation”. I watched it like million times but it is always like even though we saw all the scenes thousands times they are still funny to us. Something that in the beginning was just a moment of entertainment and relaxation changed into our little tradition.
Second awesome movie it the most beautiful tale in the whole world “The Polar Express”. Possibly it may be the only reason that each year I feel at least a part of Christmas magic and for a moment I can believe that unusual thing may happen that day.

The thing I love In the Christmas magic that appear at least for a moment is a moment I see my younger cousins that are the same as we all as younger. I must pretend with them that He is real and he will come with his sleigh with reindeers and with bag full of presents. I always say them that I’ve seen the sleigh on my roof and they with big eyes and with joy on their faces listen to my history. In this moment I feel happy that I can share the magic I felt when I was younger with others and make their Christmas time magical because they believe in all of that. I always want to make this time magical for them as long as I can to make them able to pass it to other people in the future.

Now when you know that all is just a a little grey reality you don’t expect Christmas with such impatience. They come so they come. It’s just a next day during a year with my family when I share the special wafer, eat Christmas dishes and get something that I know I will get and then is a next day when you realize that Christmas passed and you don’t feel “the thing”.

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