Christmas, Christmas and... still November

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We can't skip through some things. In the past, different types of ham and fruits (including mandarin which is one of the symbols of polish Christmas) weren't available for everybody during whole year so uniqueness of this period was result from what people could see and taste without that possibility in other months of the year.

Nowadays, it looks much different. Every christmassy dishes and elements of christmassy atmosphere you can organise in any day of the year but people delay it for second half of December to carry on the tradition. Also with age, Christmas thinking changes because adulthood misrepresents childish naivety and fascination everything what's around. But the fact that we're getting older is really a main reason of change of feeling that undescribable atmosphere at the end of every year?

In my opinion - no. Marketing. This definition is the biggest monster who eats the biggest slices of dish called "Christmas magic". It destroyes everything, much more with every year and every year it starts earlier. In Lodz, city where I live, in half of November nearby shopping centre they stood up first Christmas Tree. People responsible for it were explainig this phenomenon that it is complicated to place it and to plug decorations in a right way so they prefered to do it earlier to have time to correct mistakes just in case they appear. Well, there weren't any mistakes to correct and Christmas Tree have been standing in their grandness since November. This explanation brings me on only one question - do they make idiots from people or are they really that incompetent? The end of November is also a time for decorations on main Lodz's walkway and areas around and markets stuffed with christmassy products so much that you need a machette to break through jungle of man-made christmas trees and it's ornaments. It's also good to take some antidepresant pills before you walk in to not hang yourself on one of the chains that were hanging onto your head near every single stillage.

All of it is good, magical and right but not in time. That christmassy "boom" should appear in second half of December so people can plan and buy everything in this enjoyable rush and I think that more or less two weeks are enough to wrap up, prepare everything and wait for the first star. That would be real Christmas magic. Not watching decorated city since November so you go for a walk before Christmas Eve and you are tired of every single light because it hangs here for more than a month and it doesn't fascinate as much as it should.

Let's don't put all the blame on adulthood (Read: The magic of Christmas goes by age). Put it on people. People who care more about money than invisible beauty of December. Due to Christmas time I wish you that humans be less... humans and so you can spend this time with those you want the most. If it's the family - great. If boyfriend or girlfriend - invite them. If somebody you can't spend this time with - look up what's my wishes are.

Merry Christmas!

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