Day of a fake love?

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Today is a 14th February. If you want it or not - this day won't miss you and you'll spend your day with another half or you might stay with your friends. From my point of view this day looks like one, big piece of fake love. Maybe somebody looks at it like a jealousy or a feminists point of view, for me love is something more that you should show everyday. Already from the beginning of February you'll see all the chocolates with hearts, lollipops, ribbons, balloons, cupids and other such crap, you can simply throw up. And if your boyfriend don't give anything on this day... God protect him: I'll be mad forever and without a bouquet of 100 roses better don't come close. Does it really looks like that. Seriously?

I know two types of girls. I'm the third. Last time I've been talking about this with my friend, what she does on her Valentine's day. She corrected me and asked "What do we do?" because we don't have the second half, so we can do something together. I've proposed the cinema, because I heard of a cool and interesting film that I really wanted to go for and watch it with someone who has the same way of thinking as me. My second friend said that since the beggining of her relationship thats about 4 years long she never has her valentines day and she never wants to celebrate it. She don't want any flowers, diner or a pack of chocolates. She just want to stay home, lie in the same bed and watch films (translator note: have sex). But there are other girls, whom thinks that this "Valentines Day" is a duty of a men: to go out somewhere, to show how much he loves her. Unfortunately more of the relationships go to dates only on 14th to show themselves for everybody to know and see how much they love each other. And another day they do nothing - because why? It's just a normal day. A Routine.

Our society today shows that you have to display to other people how important your relationship is to affect lads to be that one day all around with their pairs. And to show how happy they are. When I asked my friend how often she goes out with her boyfriend - she replied, she doesn't remember but always on February 14... Because it's a Valentine's Day.

I ain't going to tell but it's nice to get a love letter. Only when the person sign himself and he knows us for some time to tell something nice. I know some cases when people are just joking of girls whom just were happy that they has somebodys attention. That someone likes them more than anybody else but they were just having a lot of fun seeing how stupid these girls were. But these people shows their level.

It's a brutal true of a 14th February, day that become a duty for a men to do something nice for his girl, show how much they love for everyone around to know. There's not much of a balance in a relationship if a girl don't gives nothing in return - nothing is going to happend if she gives him a little suprise (translator note: sex).

So let's ask ourselves a question. Is this day so important for us so we cannot do anything similar the other day?

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