Why I love Christmas?

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I’ve always been a massive fan of Christmas since I was little. I remember those jolly moments, when my older cousins were forcing me to distribute gifts to everyone from under the Christmas tree. I was the youngest and it was my task, which I truly disliked! I remember those ‘tasty’ moments, when grandma Wanda was preparing poppy seed cake. I remember when I was spending my first Christmas with my goddaughter, who preferred shiny wrapping paper over her presents.

Whichever Christmas recollection I can think of, it is a heart-warming memory full of happiness, laughter and love. Why do I love Christmas then?

I know, I know it will be weird for many of you, but I love Christmas for tangerines! I always associate tangerines with the Christmas period. I remember the smell when you peel them and my nan’s stories that during the communist regime they were a real delicacy! I remember the closer it was to Christmas the more tangerines there was in our house. My mum was buying a ton of them!

Gifts? Of course! Who doesn’t love Christmas because of gifts? Only a crazy man, probably someone who doesn’t like puppies and chocolate! When I was young my present list to Santa Clause was longer than a giraffe’s neck! And in my head I even had more ideas of what I would love to get. With time it changed, I grew up and matured. I started feeling happy while planning what to buy for my loved ones. It is an extremely rewarding feeling to see a smile on my goddaughter’s face when she rips the wrapping paper off her gifts with anticipation. It is a time of laughter, when I remind myself that once upon a time my nan thought she got candy, and wanted to bite it, but it was a bath bomb!

Christmas tree! For a long time we’ve had a fake tree, it is absolutely lush and mess free. Believe me during Christmas there is so much mess that we definitely don’t need more! My mum is a serious Christmas fanatic, ha, so we have the Christmas tree up at the beginning of December. It is absolutely fabulous to sit down in the evening with a cup of hot tea while watching sparkling Christmas lights.

The list of reasons why I love Christmas could be really long, but I wanted to mention one more thing. Since I move out to live abroad and started working in a hospital, Christmas is a special time for me. It is a time I can finally see my family and enjoy their company! Also, working in a hospital helped me to realise even more that human’s lives are very fragile. Christmas is a time to appreciate what we have even more than usual. It is time to realize that I have family that loves and supports me through everything, because we have to remember that family is the most important thing in the world.

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