Easter - then and now

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Ahead of us is the most important day in a life of a Catholic. It is said that it is more significant than Christmas. This very Sunday we will together celebrate Easter. Let’s start from the beginning.

Sunday during the Holy Week is the time when Jesus was resurrected and joined us anew. In church this event is called Triduum Sacrum but in everyday use is more commonly known as Easter Sunday. Holy Lent, which we are not to break, starts Thursday so through the duration of the couple days we have to become herbivores and eat greens – well meat lovers, let’s give something from ourselves to celebrate this fantastic time. How does it look from the church side? Not much but I still remember when still as a kid I walked with my grandmother to the wake, even though I couldn’t stay away for long and the only thing I can remember are prayers and that the sculpture of Jesus would be kept in a grotto and that it would be opened on Sunday’s morning. Even though I don’t remember much from that time because I was still a kid I always come back with a smile to my childhood memories.

Typical question that I often hear from my friends before upcoming holidays is “Did you clean your house and washed the windows? Well yes… because Jesus won’t be able to come in through a dirty window that’s why we have to clean them. I’m a faithful person – do not misunderstand me – but some actions irritate me. I understand, your house shouldn’t be a mess but stressing over all of that doesn’t fit. We should keep it clean throughout the whole year rather than once a year. Who really cares if you cleaned the windows two days before holidays or a week?

Besides the overall chaos during the cleaning time before Easter, we have to prepare the Easter basket. It is one of those things that I really enjoy doing. Ever since I was a kid I paint the eggs that go to the basket by hand it makes me especially happy. In the basket besides painted eggs there have to be the following:

Lamb – symbol of victory of life above death
Bread – body of Christ
Sausage – symbol of wealth, health and fertility
Water – sign of preparation for the beginning of a new life
Cheese – sign of friendship between a human and a house pets
Salt – sign of cleansing from sin
Cake – metaphor for abilities and perfection
Radish – sign of physical strength and endurance

During the Holy Sunday my whole family always walked to the cross, because on our farm we don’t have a church nearby. We blessed the basket and we waited till Sunday arrived. Accurately 9 in the morning the all sat together at the table. Tradition in my family is that before we start to eat the oldest person says “Jesus Resurrected” to which the whole family answers “Truly Resurrected”.

I’m unsure to whenever it is the same in other households it might be that the new generation forgets those words. I presented you this holiday through the eyes of an adult. Let’s come back to childhood again. As a child I knew as much as my grandmother told me – that Jesus died to come back to us later. It was important to me but not as much as the fact that Easter bunny would visit us. Same feeling as waiting for the presents on Christmas, even though you get less presents or they are less expensive it was still exciting. Sadly we didn’t have the chance to experience the fun of egg hunting, as it is said that whoever found the most eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny would get the most presents. Of course we always knew that there was no winner and everybody would get a gift. After Sunday comes Dingus Day, it didn’t matter whenever it was hot or cold we still went from a house to house with water guns and balloons full of water and organized the massive water battle. For us kids it was the best time because it was the one day when your mother wouldn’t scream at you for coming back home all wet because you have to celebrate the holiday.

This is pretty much how I see Easter from my point of view. Now that I am grown up, I prepare the basket myself and care for my family.

At the same time I wish you all happy hallelujah, tasty egg and wet dingus,
Róża/ Rose

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