5 book series suitable for boring evenings

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… spring, summer, autumn, winter, whenever you want to ;)

Everyone loves to read. Even when they don’t know about it yet. If anyone tells you that doesn’t like to do it, he or she Just didn’t find the genre that would be in his or her taste.Or didn’t find the author who would knock into a cocked hat and became the oracle. I scraped through both. I found my genres, I found my authors, but often, there is a moment, I am tired of everything I read I just look for the getaway. The lecture which is fast, easy and joyful. The lecture I don’t need to think much of, the pages reverse themselves and I enjoy what I see. Because lecture which is fast, easy and joyful doesn’t need to be anodyne and about nothing. Yes, such books exist and they are not just like cheap romances for neurotic forties.

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Male heels at Giewont

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As you may guess, the title of this article is just a metaphor which shows insufficient respect toward mountains power. It will be a short story about the adventure of mine and my friend that took place in Tatra National Park. Last weekend supposed to be last springboard before new academic year and it almost was one of the last. Without landing.

The second day in Zakopane, after ascenting Giewont we decided to go on Małołączniak - the mountain that is less characteristic, less symbolic but higher and with more interesting view. To not be bored, we decided to go from the Mała Łąka Valley side and go down Miętusia Valley. That are just basic information more for well-wishers of Polish Tatra Mountains than tramps of Krupówki.

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It turns out that in general people don't know anything at all about real beer. They only know beers that are sold in shops. They have no idea what they are made of, knowing only, that they contain hop - but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are few people interested in beer production, but true beer lovers, through scent, flavor and color, can feel what beer is made of and what it contains. I found this out myself.

Since June 2014 I have a part time work in a small brewery, which had it's second anniversary on February 7th. Because of that i learned about beer quite a lot. The brewery is located in my place of living, which is a small village where you can't even find a shop. Nobody expected that it will hold on for a year, oh wait... nobody expected it would work at all. But i will not do any advertisements, because I am not here to do it. I am here to show, that my life is all about beer now - and to end up, I wrote engineering diploma work about beer market in Poland.

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Why are you doing what you are doing?

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Why are you doing what you are doing? What heads you? Why have you started to study the course you are studying? Why have you gone to the job you have gone? Why are you learning the language you are learning? Why are you waiting to start a family? Why are you saying that you want to achieve exactly this thing? Why?

Think why are you doing what you are doing. You are doing all of that for yourself, for your parents, lovers, children or to satisfy the society? Why do you put exactly those and not other challenges to yourself ? Why do you go straight for (I hope) goals that you stated yourself? Why exactly that aims? Have you ever thought if you act automatically because that behove? Your friend started to learn Japanese so you also should do it, your friend started to go to the gym so you won’t be worse, your old devil started second faculty so you will do it too. Are you doing all those things because you really want to do it and you really feel that it’s right and will allow you to advance and be better you? Be better at what you do? Or you are doing all the thing because other people do it?

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