I'm alive! Be alive as well!

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At the end of an August 2015 I made my own blog. I mean, let's sort something out - it's not like I made it just like that, when with a protesting tone of voice I was told to "Write". The woman whom told me to, at the first look of an eye looked very shy and delicate, woe to the one who tries to protests. So under the supervision from Paulinka I did everything I could to make a blog.

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Airsoft - live role play

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Virtual entertainment displaces every form of human's physical activity in 21st century. Which enthusiastic gamer refuse to play in full destructive environment of the newest Battlefield's, tactic simulators of battlegrounds like ARMA, games like SA:MP famous for roleplay servers, where player can personate whoever he wants; feature shooters grounded in zombie or post-apocalyptic atmosphere like DayZ Standalone, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro 2033? There's no doubts that it's exciting and cheap, especially in era of digital distribution. Everyone likes to have fun in the place, where he can do whatever he wants and he is sure, that he won't hurt anybody in physical way.

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American Truck Simulator

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As a maniac of simulators, especially those of a high-traffic bulky, I'd like to introduce you to the newest installment of the truck simulator. As you probably guessed, I'm talking about American Truck Simulator. In fact, this one is not much different in any way from the Euro Truck Simulator, but there are some interesting things that did not appear in the previous release of the SCS Software.

Chance for success in Nations Cup XIX?

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Do we have a chance for a big success? After yesterday win with Portugal, Polish team in Urban Terror qualified for the final of Nations Cup XIX! First time since 8 years and second time in history Polish team went to the semi-finals and for the first time won ditching Portugal their chance for the win!

In the Grand Final we will cope with France. What are predictions? That won't be easy but it's worth to mark that even our team says they are motivated in 150% and they want to be TOP1 so they defeat French team in this edition of Nations Cup once. In playoffs, for the third place will play Belgium against Portugal.

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Day of a fake love?

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Today is a 14th February. If you want it or not - this day won't miss you and you'll spend your day with another half or you might stay with your friends. From my point of view this day looks like one, big piece of fake love. Maybe somebody looks at it like a jealousy or a feminists point of view, for me love is something more that you should show everyday. Already from the beginning of February you'll see all the chocolates with hearts, lollipops, ribbons, balloons, cupids and other such crap, you can simply throw up. And if your boyfriend don't give anything on this day... God protect him: I'll be mad forever and without a bouquet of 100 roses better don't come close. Does it really looks like that. Seriously?

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