Wazznet Christmas Events

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Dear Users,

Wazznet Crew decided to prepare some Christmas Events for you. This year we are going to have some fun during the League of Legends tournament and building Christmas buildings in the Minecraft server. Besides we can sing together Christmas songs or cheer for people who decide to take part in an event. If any of those options is suitable for you and you would like to show your fine art abilities take part in our event connected with drawing. Down below you will find all of them with more information.


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Another Wazznet Event - Karaoke

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Dear Users,

Next Friday (11th November 2016) our TeamSpeak 3 server will have a karaoke event. If you like to sing or simply want to show your talent to the world, this is the simplest way! Take part in our event and have fun! The event will involve singing to a music track of your choice.

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