About Counter-Strike:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the third edition of a cult game series Counter-Strike, which was created as a modification of the game Half Life. It is one of the most popular first person shooter games. The game was originally created as an online game which makes it a multiplayer game. Over time the bots also appeared in the game. They allowed the game without real players participation.

There are several game modes: Deatchmatch, Arms  Race, Demolition, Classic Competetive and Classic Casual.

the game lasts 15 minutes. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible in a given time. Player gets points for killing other players. Bonus weapons play the key role which in 20 seconds give bonus points for killing. The killed player is reborn in a random location on the map. The players choose their weapon on their own.
Arms Race
game mode that depends on getting new weapons which change automatically every 2 killed people, up to level 15, where the player gets the knife and he has a mission to kill the last person.
is a combination of Classic Casual with Arms Race. Player gets a new weapon after each kill, but gets it in the next round.
Classic Competetive
available from the 3rd “private rank” level) is about matching or inviting 4 players and the game on one of the 20 maps. On maps with the prefix "de_" teams are divided into terrorists whose task is to plant „bomb” and anti-terrorists whose task is disarmament or not allowing the enemy planting. On maps with the prefix "cs_" the anti-terrorist task is to rescue the hostages. The regular game in this mode gives a rank to the account which changes with further wins or losses games.
Classic Casual
it consists of the same as Classic Competetive, with one difference that the player gets a Kevlar and defusing kit for free.

There are also a number of modifications created by the fans. One of them is Deathrun Surf.

Counter-Strike is a very extensive game both in the community, where there are created another skins, maps and tactics, but also in e-sport, where it is used in tournaments.

If you feel like shooting, perhaps you will lead your team to victory, learn the logical reasoning and also meet new friends – play with us Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! To do it you need to have a Steam account and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game which you can buy in an official Steam website or other competetive website.
After the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installation in your disk and your options configuration in game menu, you can join in our server. There are three ways to play in our server, to which is just one way. In the upper part of interface choose *Play* option then *Browse community servers* and when you see the information about servers  click *OK*. Now you have three ways.

First: in console (when you press tilde button “~”) type *connect serverIP* then press enter.

Second: go to *Favourites* and choose *Add server* and type IP of the server. Then click the button *Add server to favourites*.
The last one: go into *Play* in *Browse community servers* pick the *Internet* tab up and in *Description* type server name.

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