Counter-Strike:GO rules

1. Joining in the server you accept the server rules.
2. Names, nicknames, aliases.

2.1. It is forbidden to have a name:

2.1.1. Vulgar,
2.1.2. Rasist,
2.1.3. Offensive.

3. Hacks.

3.1. It is forbidden to use hack.

3.1.1. Any kind of shooting hacks (eg. aimhack),
3.1.2. Any kind of seeing hacks (eg. wallhack, radarhack),
3.1.3. Other (eg. noflesh, nosmoke itd).

4. Chat, voice communication.

4.1. It is forbidden to scream and play music,
4.2. It is forbidden to spam, flood and players and server offenses,
4.3. It is forbidden to advertise other servers and services that are not offered by Wazznet.

5. It is forbidden to impersonate other players and server administration.
6. It is forbidden to camp in the terrorists' respawn.
7. It is forbidden to put a bomb in the map bugs. Don't want to plant the bomb? Give it to other terrorist.
8. It is forbidden the purposive interrupting other players game (purposive flesh, smoke etc.).
9. If in the team that must defuse the bomb there are less than 4 players, we play only in the appointed place to plant.
10. Be cultural.
11. It is forbidden to trade objects and own goods in the server.

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