About San Andreas:MP

San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP) is a free modification of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – computer game which action takes place in fiction state San Andreas. The game offers possibility to drive many vehicles, huge, open world and various weapons. The multiplayer modification allows to play on servers with even thousand players online! The most common types of gameplay that we can meet are:

Role Play
it is based on real-life role-play. In this mode, you can play the role of a policeman, a mafioso, a gangster or a a corrupt official and create action as you like: robbery, kidnapping, police raids - the only limit is your imagination.
the gameplay involves killing other players on the map.
free tour maps and perform various missions without the risk of death.
you are a truck driver in the state of San Andreas.
Gang Wars
taking over territories and fight with players from rival gang.
Mini Missions
a lot of short and quick missions here that are randomly changed after every one of them.
if you enjoy a car races, perform crazy stunts or take turns sideways - you will surely find on the servers of this type something for yourself.

Mrucznik Role Play is a role play server. Gameplay on the server relies on imitation of real life in game. This means that we can work as a cop, mechanic or hitman. We can buy houses, cars and participate in many situations like: bank robberies, street races or drugs trading. Our characters - like people in real life - earn money, acquire skills and make new acquaintances. To derive the greatest pleasure from the game - just play your character like it's being you.

Los Santos is the city controlled by the most dangerous criminals. Even civilians are walking around the city with a loaded guns. Everyone is fighting for oneself and people who stand in their ways, will get shot by the ak-47. So remember, Los Santos is not the El Dorado of the peace where people live together with cops and spending time for joyful and successful cooperation. This is the sin city where alternate citizen is a criminal and death is lurking at every corner. Do not procrastinate! Take matters into your own hands and join to the people wreaking havoc in Los Santos or join to the groups that aim to calm the mob and to justice triumphed. You can also become a (dis)honest employee and the richest man in the city. How your character's life would go on? This depends only on you - the only limit is your imagination!

To start the game on the server just open the SAMP and add the server to your favourites by typing: samp.mrucznik-rp.pl as the address, and then connect to the server to register an account.
Server language is Polish but you come across someone who can speak English.

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