About TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak 3 (commonly known as ts3) is a very convenient and easy to use voice communication system, which also allows you to chat and doesn’t take too much space on a disc.

Channels play key role in TeamSpeak 3. They are also called rooms in which Users are "sitting".

Each User can have his/her own channel which is created by the administration of TeamSpeak 3. User receives the function of a  Channel Admin. It gives the opportunity to throw out unsuitable people from the channel and to impose the law on the rest of the Users who are in the channel. It also allows to manage you channel by for example changing password of the channel, its name or description. The range of possibilities is wide – from kicking out unwanted Users to Admins, who help with the management of a given the channel.

TeamSpeak 3 is not only a communication system, it is also a place where people connect. Do you want to play League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Minecraft or talk with your friends? There is nothing better than a good TeamSpeak 3 where you know that no one will join your channel and disturb your game nor talk.

Do you want to find out about it? Install TeamSpeak 3!

If you want to install TeamSpeak 3, go here and download TeamSpeak 3 client.
When you install it and configure your user account, click Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks typing any server name, in Address typing wazznet.com and clicking Apply. Since that you can connect with our TeamSpeak 3 server by Bookmarks section.

Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 offers its users unlimited possibilities. General or limited global channels will allow you and your friends find a place for yourself or get to know new people! Game channels will allow you to find game allies you will be able to spend long hours forgetting yourself  in virtual world with. In Wazznet you can also find private channels section available for registered users and V.I.P users who will have wider possibilities of channel usage. In private channel you have different options to change settings of channel. It’s your terrain and you are the one who decide if channel is public or passworded, how many users can join in the channel in the same time and if they have talk power or you, as a king and ruler give it to them! Your channel, your world, your decisions! But remember to think before you trust anyone and give your staff of power in your kingdom because you are the one who bear the responsibility!

If occurs that you have a problem or you don’t understand anything, there are administrators who will give you a hand and share their knowledge and experience! In Wazznet you are not alone! However, remember about culture and respect which are important for both sides.

Come to us and meet new community that probably encourage you to fling yourself into entertainment and new acquaintances!

Stay tuned!

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