TeamSpeak rules

On Wazznet server there are several rules and restrictions which are detailed below. Not knowing these rules does not excuse failing to follow them.

Remember – treat others on the server as you would like to be treated yourself! We have no bots – only people. Show respect towards them. Also, respect the time, work and effort which the administrators have put into this server, so that you are able to use and enjoy it for free in the best quality.

I. General Terms & Conditions

1.1. Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server is available for all users of
1.2. Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server is an integral part of the portal and forum
1.3. Use of Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server does not require registration on portal. Only problems and complaints will be examined in appropriate forum section on portal.
1.4. Use of TeamSpeak 3 communicator is free.
1.5. Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server which belongs to is located at address.
1.6. Software which is necessary for use of Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server is available for download for free here.
1.7. The administrators do not take responsibility for actions of users on Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server.
1.8. The administrators do not take responsibility for any problems caused beyond their control e.g. devices, software or server problems and actions made by a third party.
1.9. By entering the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server the user agrees to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

II. The Administration

2.1. An administrator is a person who is responsible for the order on TeamSpeak 3 server.
2.2. The Administrators do not take sides, instead they treat everyone fairly.
2.3. The Administrators must have nicknames by which they can be identified on the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server.
2.4. The Administrators before entering the private channel need to ask for permission of Channel Admins or user who is on the channel except the cases when administrator does his work.
2.5. Among the server rooms there are ranks: the V.I.P Channel Primary Admin, the Channel Primary Admin, the Channel Admin and the Operator. They can kick people who are in the channel without the need to provide any reason.

2.5.1. The Channel V.I.P Primary Admin the same as Channel Primary Admin are the owners of the channel, who can give or withdraw all the ranks: „Channel Admin”, „Trusted”, „Operator”, „Voice”, „Unwanted”,
2.5.2. The Channel V.I.P Primary Admin, Channel Primary Admin and Channel Admin are the only people who can ask the administration to delete the "unwanted" rank which was given to a user. They are responsible for the channel,
2.5.3. The Channel V.I.P Primary Admin may also create 5 subchannels on an owned private channel.

2.6. The administrator with the "Moderator" rank may create new channels.
2.7. The administrator with the „Elite” rank has the higher privilege on TeamSpeak. He takes care of organisational issues.
2.8. Junior Admin is a lowest rank administrator. He is entitled only to giving period bans and kicking users from server.
2.9. The "Special" rank is granted for users who are connected with Wazznet projects and need more permissions on Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server but they are not server's administrators.

III. General behaviour norms

3.1. All restrictions in the Terms of Use apply to a written and spoken forms of communication.
3.2. On the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server the netiquette rules apply.
3.3. On the server it is forbidden to:

3.3.1. Publish pornography, use abusive language,
3.3.2. Use abusive language in general, or towards other TeamSpeak users,
3.3.3. Use nicknames and avatars which include anything from points 3.3.1. and 3.3.2.,
3.3.4. Impersonate others by using their nicknames, the administrators in particular,
3.3.5. Change your nickname successively within a short period of time,
3.3.6. Promote piracy,
3.3.7. "Troll", repeated channel switching as well as other forms behaviour which compromises the enjoyment of other users on the server,
3.3.8. Give the links to other TeamSpeak servers or servers with the same topics,
3.3.9. Use the voice synthesizer Ivona, or similar programs,
3.3.10. Play music on the public channels, with the exception of music channels,
3.3.11. Use nicknames that have less than 60% unicode signs.
3.3.12. Abuse or insult any Wazznet partners. Presently those are: and


IV. Ranks

4.1. Every registered user is entitled to 6 icons, 2 of which can be gaming related, 1 can be either man or woman and the last 3 can be emoticons.
4.2. Every user with either the permanent, special, friend or good one rank is entitled to 7 icons, 3 of which can be gaming related, 1 can be either man or woman and the last 3 can be emoticons.
4.3. Every user with the V.I.P rank is entitled to 9 icons, 4 of which can be gaming related, 1 can be either man or woman, 3 emoticons and 1 custom icon.
4.4. The YouTube, Friend, Good one and Permanent ranks will be given to a user after discussing the matter at an admin meeting, which takes place every sunday at 8PM CEST.

V. Private Channels

5.1. Channels that are not used for 30 minutes during 7 days will be deleted automatically.
5.2. On the server there is a limit of private channels ( max. 250 channels).
5.3. Each private channel can own up to 2 subchannels.
5.4. Rules of the channels naming:

5.4.1. Prohibition on the use vulgarism, abusive and racist content in the channel name,
5.4.2. Prohibition on the removal of the channel number and its changes,
5.4.3. Prohibition on the advertising of other servers.

5.5. In private channels descriptions it is prohibited to insert links and content that allow to profit by server users, as well pictures and content that are vulgar, offensive and racist.
5.6. The channels selected for any content changes by the owner will be marked by [X] at the end of its name and the reason is given in the description of the channel. If the channel won't be changed, it will be removed within 24 hours.
5.7. Channel V.I.P Primary Admin and Channel Primary Admin rank can have only one person on the channel.
5.8. The number of users with the Channel Admin rank and other channel ranks is unlimited.
5.9. Channel V.I.P Primary Admin can get private VIP channel ( 1-80 ) which can hold up to 5 subchannels.
5.10. Any registered user may have only one private channel with the rank Channel V.I.P Primary Admin or Channel Primary Admin.

VI. Guild Channels

6.1. Channels are created to associate gamers.
6.2. Clans or organisations may get:

6.2.1. Own section in our forum with the access only for members of the group,
6.2.2. Own channel with subchannels in the Game Channels section (5).

6.3. Channels in the Guild Zone are available for groups of at least 15 people.
6.4. For each 5 additional members the guild can ask for one additional channel.
6.5. Channels mustn't adverstise other servers.
6.6. In the channel description it is forbidden to use link and content that allow to have material benefits as well as pictures and content that are vulgar, abusive or racist.

VII. Penalties and Cancellations

7.1. Users who deliberately break the rules will face an appropriate penalty.
7.2. The severity of the offence is decided impartially and fairly by the administrator who imposes the penalty.
7.3. Penalties vary based on the severity of the offence, and include:

7.3.1. Warning and removal from the Wazznet Teamspeak 3 server (server kick),
7.3.2. Warning and removal from the relevant Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 channel (channel kick),
7.3.3. The giving of a rank which will indicate a troublesome user. (Trobulesome),
7.3.4. Temporary exclusion from joining the Wazznet Teamspeak 3 server (temporary ban),
7.3.5. Periodic exclusion from joining the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server (periodic ban),
7.3.6. Permanent exclusion from joining the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server (permanent ban),
7.3.7. The limiting of the ability to use the Wazznet Teamspeak 3 server through a rank which is synonymous with a permanent ban, although it lets the user connect to the server (Hardly Troublesome).

7.4. All penalties imposed by the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 administration are properly appointed and with explicit reasoning.
7.5. The user has a right to appeal a penalty in the appropriate forum section on the portal. Each cancellation will be verified by an administrator and a response with their decision published.
7.6. There are also additional rules for each section, such as Global Channels, Game Channels and Private Channels.

VIII. Other

8.1. The administration of Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server reserve the right to change the Terms of Use. Information about changes will be perched in forum section and Services tab on portal.
8.2. The administration does not take responsibility for defective working of TeamSpeak 3 communicator.
8.3. The administration does not take responsibility for Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 user's actions incidental to the Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server use.
8.4. The Terms of Use are property of Wazznet association. All rights reserved.

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