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Urban Terror, called UrT is a free modification of game Quake  III: Arena (originally it was an addition). Urban Terror is not so popular among players first-person shooting game. At first sight it resembles a Counter-Strike but games are differ in that Urban Terror has a lot more realism in, for example, weapon like Beretta 92FS, which is authentically used by modern army. Furthermore the places where are waging duels, are contemporary locations, which we can see with our own eyes.

Urban Terror offers a diversity of different modes:

Capture the Flag (CTF)
the most popular mode among players. The aim of the game is to get the enemy's flag and carry it to your own.
Capture and Hold (C&H)
the aim of the game is to capture and hold the flags deployed on the map. Flags change the colour to the team's colour. Each minute, the team gets points for each flag. During the game stand so called wave respawn.
Team Deathmatch (TDM)
the aim of the game is to kill players from the enemy team. After death you need to wait several seconds to respawn.
Team Survival (TS)
the aim of the game is to kill all the enemy team players. Respawn takes place after killing all the players of a particular team. The team which survives wins.
Bomb Mode (BM)
the red team is the one which attacks - they are so called terrorists. The team needs to plant the bomb in a strategic point of the map - they have two of them to pick from (black and red). The blue team, so called anti-terrorists need to prevent planting the bomb by killing the players of the opposite team or defusing the bomb which is planted.
Freeze Tag
the aim of the game is to kill the enemy team. It's the same mode as TS but the difference is that the player does not die, waiting for the respawn but he is frozen. It’spossible to unfreeze your teammate by standing near him.
Free for All (FFA)
all the players play against one another. Respawn takes place at a random point on the map.
Follow the Leader (FTL)
one of the teammates is the leader who as the only one can capture the enemy's flag. It's a mix of CTF and BOMB modes.
Last Man Standing (LMS)
the aim of the game is to stay alive. It's a mix of TS and FFA modes. Players are not alloted to any of the teams.
Jump Mode
the only mode that is not about killing. The aim of the game is to go over the map in so called wall jumps, slides etc.

Wazznet UrT Server offers you wide possibilities, which feature our server among other Urban Terror 4.2 servers. Except ability to show that we are the only polish public server which in real stayed and has its own, regular players off, we offer solutions that you won’t find in different servers. Among other servers distinguish our server original map rotation. We listen to player’s voice and we want our server to be the server players expect. We are not a server that promote only one game mode. For us very important is diversity so players can choose among maps in CTF, TS, BM and Freeze Tag modes mixed with one another.

Our server has also innovative solutions such us connection between Urban Terror server and our TeamSpeak 3 server and advanced field of bots that are used during the game. Being in Wazznet TeamSpeak 3 server with a few easy commands you can connect to game channel or go to your team channel and plan a strategy away from enemy’s ears.

What is the most important, we have many great players and administrators who are also great people ready to help you make your first steps in game. Because we are noob friendly and we want to prove that there is no twilight of Urban Terror era yet and Wazznet time in this quite a little and hermetic community has already come! Our administrators and players community that make international group of people happily explain you all the game intricacies and open you up to the world that you don’t expect! Because that game is not only a fight for the best result! This game is essencially a great fun in a group of great people so sometimes we hide our ego in our pockets and we have fun just with knives or… we blow up ourselves with grenades!

Since the existence of our server, we accustomed our players that once a week we meet in our game marathon that take place each Saturday since 20:30 (GMT+1) in the game and in the TeamSpeak 3 server. We play as long as we have strength to do it. So if you make first steps in the game or you want to join in our community of players – this time will be the most suitable and we encourage you to do it!

If you feel like shooting, perhaps you will lead your team to victory, join us and play with us! If you want to download Urban Terror, the only thing that you should do is to click here and download the right for your operations system version.
When you unzip your files, you can connect with game by Quake3-UrT.exe and you have two ways to join in our server.

First: in console (when you press tilde button “~”) type /connect urt.wazznet.com

Second: with play online look for the server list where you should find ~| Wazznet UrT Server |~ among other servers. You can also add our server to your list of favourite servers and connect with us by double-click.

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