Urban Terror rules

1. Wazznet server is a noob friendly server. That means you can not poll to have someone kicked because is new to the game. Remember that everyone was once new!
2. Any impersonation of administrators or other players are prohibited and may result in permanent ban.
3. Racist and sexist comments may result that you will be kicked or banned from the Wazznet server.
4. Bind and radio spamming is prohibited and may result in  a player being muted or kicked from the server.
5. Using hacks or any form of "cheating" will result in a permanent ban.
6. Constant, intentional teamkilling will result in a kick or a ban.
7. Spawn camping and spawn killing is prohibited and will result in a kick or a ban.
8. Advertising any other servers or websites is forbidden and may result in a ban.
9. Rude, vulgar and/or disruptive players will be kicked and in the end banned from the server.

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