About us

Being on the site, you probably wonder what Wazznet is and why you should stay here.
So... the answer is not so easy because the definition of Wazznet is not easy.

Wazznet is a place where you can find smile, fun, entertainment, friendship, contention, satisfaction and many more. Equally Wazznet is a place much more peaceful than all those so called Internets.
Wazznet is a place which offers a piece of Internet space to everyone. And you are the one who decide how to fill this space. You can do it with your friends, personal work, you can collect all pieces of Internet just like puzzles and share them with our community - you can do everything! Beyond, this most personal place you can fill with... just YOU! Let it be your place!

What more, when you will get your friends here you can do plenty things together. One click and you can talk to each other without going out. Second click and shoulder to shoulder you can discover Minecraft world and even stay neighbours. Third click and cooperatively you can earn millions of Mru Coins which you can spend later on the best virtual party. When in San Andreas your friend will filch the car (or sweetheart) that you liked you can click once again and wreak and... kill them in Counter-Strike or Urban Terror.
Obviously all those activities you can do solo but we guarantee that you will find same freaks and devotees if you just want to do it. Because you don't have to want it - then Wazznet may be your place of relaxation.

Perhaps you want to call Wazznet a social portal. You will be right. Our aim is to connect people. This portal is not created by a huge corporation which count users in millions. We are interested in each user. Our portal is created by the people like you, for the people like you. Each user is important to us!

We want to connect you with friends you have to strenghten your relations. But we also want to give you the opportunity to socialize and meet new, interesting people.
Ask them - Wazz up? Let them answer - Wazznet! :)

Speak with us!

Are you looking for a way to talk to your friends? Or maybe you need to be in touch with your game fellows? The solution is easy! Wazznet TeamSpeak3 Server!


Stay tuned!

Start your adventure with our portal and stay tuned! Check our homepage, news, partnership blogs and be active in our community!

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