Wazznet is not only a social portal, not only game servers, not only services provided by us. It is also a group of people who want to do someting awesome for other people. Since 2015 we are Wazznet Association and we are non-profit organization. That means that all our actions are based on volunteer work of our members. So we don't earn any money for our work. In other words our salary is our users satisfaction. Our mission is to administer, create and act to Wazznet social portal and its users. And all we do we do with our slogan "By the people, for the people". By us, for you. That is why our priority in times that data is often stolen in the internet is to provide safe and free of advertisements website with various services.

Wazznet association execute the aims by:

1. Sharing the server space for the users by renting a server,
2. Providing safe network entertainment,
3. Helping in progress of users talents such us developing music presenters,
4. Providing possibilities of oral and writing communication,
5. Sharing game servers created for the users.

Wazznet association have its members:

1. Ordinary,
2. Supportive,
3. Honorary.

Would you like to support our actions, join the group of people that enjoy creating awesome things for other people? Use the contact form and contact association management to find out how you can support us.
Remember that you are part of Wazznet. You can also help us to develop the project! 

Speak with us!

Are you looking for a way to talk to your friends? Or maybe you need to be in touch with your game fellows? The solution is easy! Wazznet TeamSpeak3 Server!


Stay tuned!

Start your adventure with our portal and stay tuned! Check our homepage, news, partnership blogs and be active in our community!

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