Wazznet platform is a platform that diversity of possibilities can be discovered after longer use of service. The priorities for us are authorial solutions that we have many in Wazznet although not all of them are visible for all users or visible right away. Some of them exist but ordinary user does not appreciate them. Anyway, they will significantly improve the experience with the service. We care for plurality of funtions and stedy progress that is why the principle we apply is "when you do something, do it securely and to the end". We always try all our projects we create no matter if it is a game server, a hosting platform or other service mark high quality of implementation in terms of technical as well as relevant.

The platform was designed not only with the thought about safety but equally important elements are calibration, modularity, high accessibility and flexabilty of services as well. All those advantages were developed also with having fully 'hygienic' and clean work environment which allows the full control, efficient work but also swift reaction in the recessionary situations.

Technical platform of Wazznet project was created with the thought about safety. The platform runs by UNIX systems, in consonance with KISS, FLOSS and 'Secure by design' rules, Linux distributions. We created many authorial solutions that allow us to secure all services.

The safe maintaining such diverse environment demands applying radical safe policy. Textbook example can be utilization many IDS's/IPS's (Intrusion Detection Systems/ Intrusion Prevention Systems) working independently and on various ways.

The hardware used in the platform is placed in the best datacenters in  Europe that is why it provides continuous operation. The main elements of the platform are monitored 24/7. In case of any hardware issue experienced technicians react in five minutes after the ticket is being submitted.

To sum up, the platform is authorial, professional, stable, thought-out and what is the most important safe network environment.

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