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Welcome Users!

The best crew ever, who created Wazznet for you, needs a moment to take a breath. Or even two breaths...
That is why we are looking for people (eventually not only people) who would like to cooperate with Wazznet ;)

Who are we looking for:

- copywriters: are you writing articles and want to write for us? More information HERE;
- copyreaders, editors: don't like to write yourself but like to check and correct articles of other people;
- translators: mainly PL -> ENG
- social buzzers: Internet has no mysteries to you and you have all popular mems and videos at yours fingertips;
- PR specialists: you know how to find the proper target and advertise among them the particular content;
- forum moderators;

And everyone who think that can make a contribution to everything we create here. If you have ideas and want to cooperate with us, do not be afraid to contact us!

If you feel that:

- You can fit into crazy and unpredictable crew;
- You can work under pressure of time and slave’s overseers;
- You will happily give your precious thoughts, works and soul away for destruction;
- You would like to try to line brainstorm out at which Sodoma and Gomorrah are anchor and idyll;
- You like challenges and unconventional solutions.

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

We can offer:

- Numerous threats, also punishable;
- Invariant and exclusive right term “on yesterday”;
- Absolute not only lack of gratification of your work but also no approbation;
- Massive and irruptive complains and protests about your work;
- You will have fried brain, light heart attack, mini stroke and guaranteed insanity (in a packet or separately);
- Total lack of your physical and psychical strength;
- Much fun and huge satisfaction.

Don’t wait!
Don’t think!
Apply today!

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