League of Legends event - 12 of May

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Show others that you are worthy of the master label and get amazing awards. Rules of tournament are simple, just come forward your team and dominate your enemies!
The event will take place in the tree system, which means the elimination rules.

You can join the tournament in Wazznet.com TeamSpeak 3 Server at organizers - Drowell and Yashi.
Any questions about the event you can ask them. Good Luck!

Start - 12/05/17, 6 PM GMT+1
Organizer - Yashi - Drowell
Where - Start at Wazznet.com TeamSpeak 3 Server
How to take part in? - Write to organizers

* Possibility to join the tournament on your own, then we will find you your teammates before the start.

Here you will find event in our community, more information and rules.
Here you will find information in League of Legends website.

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