The end of Wazznet project

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Dear Users,

Thank you for using our services that we provided for many years as Wazznet and also for support all of you who more or less got in on Wazznet. We are happy that we could be one of the best, Polish TeamSpeak that provided you stability and security on the highest level. We are also happy that since two years we have been the only Polish Urban Terror server and we still are and we have a group of regular players who willingly play with us. We also want to thank for cooperation with project - one of the biggest role-play SA:MP platform server that still will be receiving individual technical support in the interest of new GTA V server.
We are happy that we could provide no-spam mail, hosting and many more services for many years with the project.

However, now is the time that we are closing the Wazznet project. It was interesting time in our lives are we are glad that we could create things that we tried to polished in technical way and also give you something that will be nice to receive. Mail services will be available to the domain expiration which is 15th March 2018 - after that time mailboxes will be transferred on the other domain and will be still in use (just contact the administration through the fanpage then).

We want to thank you each of you who was creating this place which for many of you was a place where you could find love and friendship. All in all Wazznet was always a place created "By the people, for the people" and we are proud that our slogan was not only a tag line but also actual activity that we achieved.

Unfortunately, we are closing the Wazznet project. Those years were great and we have learnt so many things and we've met so many personalities but it is high time to close the project. However, the end of Wazznet means the beginning of something new. Originators and creators of Wazznet will focus their attention among one of the bigger projects which for a longer time shared the platform with the Wazznet which is If you want to use one time discount in amount 10-15% (depends on service and lease time) for services in this hosting also contact us through the fanpage.

That is why once again we want to thank you for being a part of Wazznet and we wish you luck in the further activities.
We hope to meet you somewhere in the wide range of the Internet.

Best regards,
~ Wazznet Team

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