Want to write for us?

1st option: You have a blog!

As you know well because we write about that everywhere our motto and slogan that we head doing all the projects is 'By the people, for the people'. We think that blogs perfecly fit into that idea. They are created by (mostly) people, for other people, readers.
We would like you, dear creators, support your actions. We would like to connect our strength to created joyful things togehter.

Wazznet gladly start the partnership with interesting and valuable bloggers that create unique content, write about interesting topics and favour the same values as we do if it comes to creating for other people.

Do you want your site to be our partnership blog?

No big deal! Just write the messege to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the blog address, topics you write about and write someting about you and your blog. It would be good if you attach links to three the most interesting in your opinion posts that could convince us that your content is perfect for our community.

Posts that harmonize with the Wazznet concept and that in our opinion interest our users will appear with the "Read more" link redirecting to your blog.

What in exchange for? When our cooperation materialize we would like you to create a post at your blog about Wazznet in which you present our platform, ideas and community with the "do follow" link, insert a small logo visible below (for example in the footer of your blog) and write at least one article monthly with optional topic on our common wazznet blog.

Interested? Contact us now!

2nd option: You don't have a blog!

You don't have a blog but you feel like Wazznet is a place for you? You can still write for us! The procedure is the same - send a message on a mail written above, write something about you and present your creativity. You can obviously attach your example article or two.

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