Easter - then and now

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Ahead of us is the most important day in a life of a Catholic. It is said that it is more significant than Christmas. This very Sunday we will together celebrate Easter. Let’s start from the beginning.

Sunday during the Holy Week is the time when Jesus was resurrected and joined us anew. In church this event is called Triduum Sacrum but in everyday use is more commonly known as Easter Sunday. Holy Lent, which we are not to break, starts Thursday so through the duration of the couple days we have to become herbivores and eat greens – well meat lovers, let’s give something from ourselves to celebrate this fantastic time. How does it look from the church side? Not much but I still remember when still as a kid I walked with my grandmother to the wake, even though I couldn’t stay away for long and the only thing I can remember are prayers and that the sculpture of Jesus would be kept in a grotto and that it would be opened on Sunday’s morning. Even though I don’t remember much from that time because I was still a kid I always come back with a smile to my childhood memories.

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Why I love Christmas?

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I’ve always been a massive fan of Christmas since I was little. I remember those jolly moments, when my older cousins were forcing me to distribute gifts to everyone from under the Christmas tree. I was the youngest and it was my task, which I truly disliked! I remember those ‘tasty’ moments, when grandma Wanda was preparing poppy seed cake. I remember when I was spending my first Christmas with my goddaughter, who preferred shiny wrapping paper over her presents.

Whichever Christmas recollection I can think of, it is a heart-warming memory full of happiness, laughter and love. Why do I love Christmas then?

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Pros and cons of playing games

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Today’s article is regarding the pros and cons of computer games. To begin I’d like to point out that the following are merely my thoughts and subjective view on the topic. If you agree with the article, or if you think some of it is wrong, feel free to join in on the discussion. Let’s not all be the same and instead have our own opinions on every matter, of course still remembering to be civilised about it.

What should you know, what are you missing or what lies are you believing?


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Christmas is coming!

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It's finally December, a quite special month, and a magical one at that. You can't listen to the radio without hearing Wham's "Last Christmas", turn on the television without seeing Kevin from Home Alone or opening your windows without seeing white fluffy snow everywhere (theoretically! :)). It can only mean one thing. Christmas is approaching us fast.

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