Privacy policy

Privacy Policy is a key role for Wazznet portal and we are making every effort to realize it in all ways of our activity.

What personal information does Wazznet collect and use ?

Site users stay anonymous as long as they don’t decide otherwise. The information contained in system logs are used by Wazznet only for technical purposes, related to the administration of our servers. IP addresses are used to collect general statistics of demographic  information – for example about region from user connect with website. Wazznet portal also gather user’s mail addresses  used during account registration.

All information given by the users are used just for the necessary contact with them and for better adjustment of presented content against their needs and interests. Demographic data (for example age, sex, city) can also be correlate with elected operating data (for example cookies) and used to analyse user’s preferences and raise the tone of provided services. What is important, those data is without any  indications (they are anonymous) and they are kept not longer than 1 month.

How are information protected?

Registration form filled during signing in Wazznet and log in process are executed with safe SLL protocol which indeed increase security of data transmission in Internet.

The information are also protected by DNSSEC which is an extension to DNS that aim to increase the safety. DNSSEC provide certification data sources (DNS servers) by digitally signing records for DNS lookup using public-key cryptography. The safety rely on security of transmission. It is a set of extensions to DNS which provide to DNS clients (resolvers) origin authentication of DNS data, authenticated denial of existence and data integrity - which provide safety of the system and insure against modification and distortion.

All information are stored and processed by Wazznet with security which meet the rules of Polish and European law.

Are personal information shared with third parties?

Wazznet include services in which information entered by users become public. User can publish content in those services only after authorization and decide on his own how they are signed.

Wazznet doesn’t pass on nor expose any data to third parties.

Right to insight, change and delete user’s information

The right  is accessible to all Wazznet users by profile page which is available after authorization. This page allow to insight, modify and delete all personal information possessed by Wazznet  about user.

Choice right

Wazznet gives its users right to decision of the field of portal services they want to enjoy and information they want to share. Most of services in portal require user to authorize but only obligatory information given by user and published in his profile is country he comes from. Signing in the Wazznet platform is freewill user decision and can demit any time by deleting the profile (all or part of it).

How will the website owner contact with users?

Wazznet portal to contact their users use services offered in portal such as social portal and forum. Beyond Wazznet portal use mail system based on e-mails obtained during account registration.

Our aim is to insure far advanced security. Development of technologies and development of Wazznet offered services make that our Privacy Policy can change in future. The information about changes will be included in this site.

Wazznet is opened for all user’s opinions, comments and questions about information confidentiality. You can contact us with mail or post. Details are available in contact website.

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