Wazznet Server is dedicated to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) game - the third edition of cult Counter-Strike game series. Is one of the most popular FPS games you can read more about in "About Counter-Strike:GO" section.  

We are a crew that try to adapt to users expectations but there are several rules in the server we would like our players to respect - then the game will be much better for both sides - players and administrators. There are no many of them but they are essential for us so we would like you to familiarize with them. They are available in "Rules" section.  

All information, problems and suggestions, penalties and reports are examined in our forum in Services section. In the right sidebar you will find "Forum section" drop-down list that will redirect you to the appropriate section of the forum.  

For registered in our portal users there are more available options. First are statistics. Each user is interested in how many kills have, how many times died, who is the easier enemy to kill, who should avoid in the game. All that and even more is available in the "Statistics" section.  

If you are interested in what players are kicked or banned from the server or you are temporary banned and want to check how long will it take, you can see all that in the "List of penalties" section.  

So if you already know what Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, how to download it, what are the server rules and how you need to behave in the server - join our community by "Connect to the server" tab which is located in the right sidebar and have fun with us.

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Start your adventure with our portal and stay tuned! Check our homepage, news, partnership blogs and be active in our community!

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