Terms and Conditions

 I. Definitions

1.1. Service – Wazznet portal located at wazznet.com address.
1.2. Owner – the entity that allows access to the resources of the Service located at wazznet.com is Wazznet Association based at Łąkowa 3/5, 90-562 Łódź, entered to the registry of Associations kept by National Court Register by District Court for Łódź Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number: KRS: 540473, NIP: 7272794549, REGON: 360634415.
1.3. User Account – an electronic document that only the User has an access after one time Registration. To log into Account, User Name and Password are required.
1.4. Registration – one time action to create a User Account.
1.5. Password – a string of alphanumeric characters required for authorisation while accessing the User Account, given during registration by the User.
1.6. User – a natural legal person who uses the Service by receiving from or allocating data in it.
1.7. User E-mail Address – the e-mail address given by User during Registration.
1.8. Article – copyrighted text document covering wide range of topics. Any reproduction falls under copyright protection.

II. General Provisions

2.1. The present Terms of Use set the rules for Internet Service wazznet.com by Users who registered User Account and defines the principles of offered services through it.
2.2. The present Terms of Use is compliant with Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Electronic Services (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz. 1204 z późń. zm.).
2.3. The proper name of wazznet.com, its concept, design and database are protected by copyright law. Also use of text, graphic materials and  other elements contained in Wazznet Service are protected by copyright law. In particular it is prohibited to reproduce any content of the Service.
2.4. To use the Service and its services User must agree these Terms of Use. During the registration User also accepts these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Wazznet Service.
2.5. The owner reserves the right to limit selected services offered by Wazznet Service for User who meets certain conditions. Each access limitation involves informing the User of this fact.

2.5.1. The Owner reserves the right to limit services through the Service if User is under the age of 18.

III. The scope and terms of service

3.1. The agreement of providing electronic services is concluded between Owner and User at the moment of sending the registration form. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated for any reason and immediately, maintaining the rights acquired by the Owner before the termination of the Agreement.

3.1.1. User terminates the agreement at the moment of User Account removal. All the data will be deleted from the database after one year since Account removal.

3.2. The condition for starting using Wazznet Service by the User is prior Registration by a registration form and acceptance of these Terms of Use.

3.2.1. User makes a commitment to restrict these Terms of Use. The Owner reserves the right to change these Terms of Use after previous information as well as modify technical possibilities and way of services implementation.

3.3. User takes full responsibility for inappropriate use of the User Account, in particular for content which is against the law, against social coexistence rules and these Terms of Use.
3.4. Either Party may terminate the Agreement at any time without giving reasons, subject to the rights acquired by the other party before the termination of the Agreement. There is no minimum period during which the agreement cannot be terminated.
3.5. Use of Service services is free. Wazznet Service is a property of Wazznet Association that activity is based on non-profit work of its members. However, User can contribute to Service management by donation for implementation of Wazznet association aims.

IV. Registration

4.1. During registration User perform the following actions:

4.1.1. Confirms that learn the agreement and accept it,
4.1.2. Completes the registration form,
4.1.3. Gives Name, Nickname, Password and User E-mail Address to create a User Account,
4.1.4. Gains access to the User Account with use of User Name and Password.

V. Copyright

5.1. The material made available at Wazznet portal is protected by copyright and is a subject to the rules of Poland of Copyright Act and related rights (Dz. U. z 1994 r., Nr 24, Poz. 83 with changes) and adequate rights of European Union. 
5.2. No material from this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without written permission of the copyright from the Owner.

VI. Use of Service rules

6.1. The User is obliged to respect the following rules:

6.1.1. One account is limited to one user. The owner is not responsible for the theft of accounts at the time provided by the User password to his account,
6.1.2. Use of Service in no way to interfere with its functioning, specifically by use of malicious software or devices,
6.1.3. Use of Service in no way to intrude social coexistence rules with respect for personal goods (e.g. right to privacy) of Users and Wazznet Service Owner and all inhere rights, 
6.1.4. Only personal use of content of Wazznet Service.

6.2. User is obligated to immediately notify Service Owner about each violation of his right to User Name or/and Password as well as any case of violation of these Terms of Use.
6.3. At any time User may demand change, supplement, update, correction and/or deletion of his data. User may do it oneself after logging into User Account in edit profile section. 
6.4. Owner of Wazznet Service may deprive User of the right to Service use or limit the access to the part of all Service stocks or offered services with immediate effect in case of violation of this Terms of Use, in particular when: 

6.4.1. User publishes pornography, use abusive language,
6.4.2. User uses nicknames and avatars which include anything from point 6.4.1.,
6.4.3. User impersonates others by using their nicknames, the administrators in particular,
6.4.4. User promotes piracy.

6.5. User deprived of rights for Service use must not re-register User Account without Owner permission.
6.6. Use of vulgarisms is permitted only in censored form. The only exception is social portal, in which User may publish content chosen by himself. It does not include content which abuse other Users, their opinions and beliefs, threats and all acts of harassment and persecution and actions contrary to the existing law.
6.7. User has right to report Terms of Use of Wazznet Service violations by Report tab in social portal or by sending e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each Terms of Use violation will be carefully analysed. The administration reserves the right to delete materials, Account lockout and cooperation with law enforcement agency if a direct physical risk or safety risk may exist.

VII. Final Provisions 

7.1. The Owner has a right to temporary suspend Service services due to the maintenance work.
7.2. The Owner reserves the right to permanent discontinuation of the Service after informing Users by email about such decision at least 14 days earlier. 
7.3. Potential conflicts between the User and the Owner of Wazznet Service will be redirected to the right courts according to resolution of civil code.
7.4. All matters not included in these Terms of Use shall be governed by the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland, Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Electronic Services (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz. 1204 z późń. zm.) and Act of 4 February 1994 of Copyright and related rights (Dz. U. z 1994 r., Nr 24, Poz. 83 with changes) and adequate rights of European Union. 
7.5. The Owner of the Service reserves the right to change these Terms of Use in any time. Changes come into force when they are published in this website. 
7.6. Regulations come into force on 12 September 2015.

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